Trust the Process

I (James) asked our colleague Elana Katz for the pivotal moment when the EFT process clicked for her. She thought for a moment and then leaned in with a question that really resonated with me, "James, do you trust the process"? I thought about the times when I was following the EFT map, and I allowed my client's reactivity and defenses to shift my focus from the present moment distress. I also thought about the times I stayed with the live emotional process and hit pay dirt. 

The path to change in EFT requires the therapist to work towards places where clients are the most fortified in relational pain and distrust. Along the road, there are blockades and reactivity that can make therapists want to reverse course and find a path that is not as treacherous. However, the years of EFT research and process study have proven that is the path towards transformative change in emotional and relational distress. To stay the treatment course therapist must truly trust the process. In this episode, Ryan and I talk about trusting the process. 

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