Breaking Down Enactments

Breaking Down Enactments 

The focus of this episode is to help...

  • Participants learn how to utilize enactments in counseling.
  • Identify the critical points in using enactments as an experiential tool in counseling.
  • Participants will be able to evaluate their own clinical use of this intervention.


  • Is it organized and alive in the client?
  • Assess their experience of reaching/sharing.
  • Bring the therapist fully into the moment.
  • Load it with clear simple language that conveys the attachment-related emotions, longings, vulnerability.

During Enactment

  • Be ready for blocks.

    • CPR
    • Catch it
    • Permission for protection/hesitance
    • Return to enactment
      • Reset it
      • You may have to slice it thinner.
      • Do it!

After the Enactment

  • Read the traffic lights. (partner's ability to respond)
    • Red: Stop-Something completely blocking the partner from being able to respond
    • Yellow: Caution-There is a slight bit of mistrust or confusion. May not be able to respond fully.
    • Green: Go for Bonding Moment-They see it, feel it, and want to bring comfort to it.
  • Check for a shift in body markers.



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